How to setup my bunny ?
Step 1 Put the bunny in adhoc mode
The adhoc mode is when the bunny is lighted on blue. To launch this mode :
  • Unplug the power adapter
  • Press the button on the head, and stay pressed
  • Plug the power adapter, and release the button as soon as the bunny is blue
Step 2 Connect to adhoc wifi
In adhoc mode, your bunny produce an adhoc wifi network. The name of the network created is "NabaztagXX", where XX are the last two caracters of the MAC address.
For example, if the MAC address of the bunny is 00123456789, the wifi is going to be named "Nabaztag89".
Connect your PC (or any wifi capable device such as smartphone, tablet, etc) to this wifi network.
You may temporary loose your internet connection during the setup
Step 3 Access the configuration page
In your browser, go to the url :
Step 4 If your bunny already have a working wifi connection
Goto step 5
If your bunny doesn't have a working wifi connection
Setup the form according to your wifi access point setup
Step 5 Find the field to change
Click on the 'Click here to Start' link.
Click on the 'Advanced configuration' link (on the right of the page).
Scroll down to the 'General Info' frame
Step 6 Change the server and restart
Change the field 'Violet Platform' with

Click on the 'Update and Start' button