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How to play a sound ?

There are two ways to play a sound.

If the sound is available (on the Internet or local network)

You need to use the API (a documentation of the API is available at )
If your file is available at
Then you need to call the following url :
 Where XXXXXXXXXXXX is the serial number of the rabbit and YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY is the API token (available in the API tab of the management page)

You can call this URL from a browser or an automation system.
Another option: use the "Call URL" plugin to automate this directly in openJabNab, or with a ztamp.

If the sound is not available

You must first upload it to the server, with the file manager ( )

When the sound is on the server, it will be automatically added to the list of playable sounds with the plugin "Music".
You can then associate a ztamp.